Make Your Own Rock Art!

Host a Hands-On Lake Champlain Rock Art Workshop and Exploratorium

Sessions are designed for small groups and are appropriate for Schools, Camps, Scout Troops, Senior Centers, State Parks.  Anyone and everyone who likes to play with rocks or wants to connect with Lake Champlain.

Students learn about the rocks of Lake Champlain and their special place in history while making sculptures, individually or as a group.

Think of the Rocks as free range legos. Students use the rocks as building blocks for unique creations.

Susan can be joined by a guest geologist to describe the formation of Lake Champlain and the Lake Champlain Islands. Who knew that the Lake started out as a tropical sea – near where Zimbabwe is now. The rocks tell us the story of how we got here.

Workshop Possibilities

Cities and towns:

Students construct “cities and towns” alone or together.

Students make trees and towers and angels, and stars and who knows what else?



Jungles, farms and forests:

Students create  cows and sheep and chickens – or bears and wolves and elephants. Dinosaurs and river rats and everything in between.
Birds and Nests:


Using rocks  and/or branches Students create  nesting birds, alone or together, inside or out. Perfect for outdoor installations


On The Rocks! Workshops:

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Launched at the spring 2016 event: A Hands-on Art Exhibit and Exploratorium at the Main Street Museum.

Contact us for specific discussions on date availability: