Bits of Rubble

Shore line 2

The shores of Lake Champlain are not what you think of when you think of a lake shore. There is no muck- no tall grass – nothing close to sand- only rocks. Endless stretches of rocks. They are hard to walk on – slippery and sharp at the same time. They are not comfortable to sit on. Ditto for lying down.

Yet – they are beautiful in their own way.  Look at the triangle below. In part I see my art as a process of “turning bits of rubble into gold.”


This is a fossil that was visible in the face of the rock – you never know when or where you will encounter a fossil on the shores of lake Champlain- they are everywhere and contain a rich history of life on the planet.


The white on the rocks below is due to the drying/bleaching of slimy sea weed that grows along the rocks sometimes. DSCN0017