Red Rocks, Watering Holes, and Everything In Between

My friend Corie – a rock hound from childhood – discovered these metal balls and showed me how to find them. Finding one of these glittering balls is like finding a pearl!

I call the holes left behind – Watering Holes  and find these make nice bases for certain animals – like the Elephants.

and the ChickensBird 1


There is a a depression like this in front of the actual Hen Island in Lake Champlain.



I  also like rocks that have some of the metal left in place like the  Ruby Throated Heron




The rock that became Grey’s head has one of the best “outcroppings” ever:


See Grey

I had the rock that became Grey’s head long before Grey was a twinkle in my eye. I call Grey my first sculpture because it was the first time I manipulated the rocks to be something other then what they are by themselves.  Given Corie’s connection to Grey – and Corie’s connection to the red rocks – it is fitting that Grey is a red-nosed cat,  with a very, very, shiny nose.



Grey at peace in Corie’s garden – 2007

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