Triangles range from large to small – rough to smooth – acute to unilateral and everything in between.  Triangles are the building blocks for sail boats, angels, trees, stars and some very interesting towers!


The way these rocks create the same shapes  – over and over again – never ceases to amaze me.


A Triangle is Born!

Red Rocks, Watering Holes, and Everything In Between

My friend Corie – a rock hound from childhood – discovered these metal balls and showed me how to find them. Finding one of these glittering balls is like finding a pearl!

I call the holes left behind – Watering Holes  and find these make nice bases for certain animals – like the Elephants.

and the ChickensBird 1


There is a a depression like this in front of the actual Hen Island in Lake Champlain.



I  also like rocks that have some of the metal left in place like the  Ruby Throated Heron




The rock that became Grey’s head has one of the best “outcroppings” ever:


See Grey

I had the rock that became Grey’s head long before Grey was a twinkle in my eye. I call Grey my first sculpture because it was the first time I manipulated the rocks to be something other then what they are by themselves.  Given Corie’s connection to Grey – and Corie’s connection to the red rocks – it is fitting that Grey is a red-nosed cat,  with a very, very, shiny nose.



Grey at peace in Corie’s garden – 2007